Step Out Program

Our Step Out Program is run through our affiliated company Fitness-1-2-1. It is designed to aid you back to your full physical lifestyle even after your therapy is finished. Our physical therapists and certified personal trainers will work together to create a program that is specially designed for each individual person to benefit them the most. One of our qualified personal trainers will work together with you to strengthen and regain your fitness level to get you back to leading a healthy active lifestyle.

For our graduated physical therapy patients, we offer 10 half-hour sessions for $475. These half-hour sessions are constructed in conjunction with your completed physical therapy program. The workouts are designed to further improve your strength, conditioning, and balance. The goal of these sessions is to prevent any further injury from occurring, while also improving your fitness now that the injury has fully healed.

Next time you are in for your physical therapy appointment feel free to ask our staff about this program and how you can take advantage of this opportunity to further your progress, better yourself physically, and become apart of our Step Out Program!

Step Out Program Cost:
  • 10 half-sessions$475.00
  • 10 one-hour sessions$720.00
  • 20 one-hour sessions$1350.00