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Fitness 1-2-1 has been in business since 1987. It has been North Jersey's premier personal training business since the start. In 2003 Fitness 1-2-1 joined Ridgewood Physical Therapy in opening the Ridgewood location. All Ridgewood Physical Therapy patients have access to either the personal training programs or the Ridgewood Physical Therapy Step Out Program.

Our Philosophy: Fitness 1-2-1 will provide you with the most diverse, practical and exciting health and fitness experience that can be offered. Our qualified Exercise Physiologists will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and design a program for you that will lead you through your own journey of health and fitness goals and eventual achievements. We pride ourselves on each client's progress.

Our Staff: At Fitness 1-2-1, all of our trainers have obtained degrees in exercise physiology and are certified from a variety of health and wellness disciplines. Our entire staff is required to obtain continuing education credits to assure we are up to date on all current aspects of health and fitness, medical, and wellness information. No matter what age, gender, or fitness level our exercise physiologists will implement and design a program to meet your needs. The staff will consider all physical limitation, and will create a program that will be progressive and effective specifically for our needs. For this reason, communication between your physician and health care professional about your exercise program is important to us. Become a part of our facility and let us help you achieve your goals throughout health and wellness

Marc Madison - Owner/Personal Trainer
Marc's career in personal training successfully started in 1987 in Englewood NJ and expanded to Livingston and Ridgewood. Marc has over 25 years experience in training clients from ages of 10 years up to 92 years of age, including professional athletes and people in the entertainment field. Marc also was responsible for teaching and training over 100 personal trainers. He holds numerous certifications in the fitness industry.

Dave Lipari
Dave was a Division I baseball player at Boston University. After graduating collage, he decided that he wanted to move his career focus to the fitness industry where he has spent the past 20 years perfecting his craft. He now holds a certificate as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist,Post -Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist and is certified as a kickboxing instructor through A.F.A.A. Dave also has experience in the corporate fitness and the physical therapy industry.When Dave is not working he spends his free time with his two boys where he coaches them in various sports.

We offer the following packages:
  • 20 one-hour sessions$1500.00
  • 10 one-hour sessions$800.00
  • 20 half-hour sessions$1000.00
  • 10 half-hour sessions$525.00

Physical therapy patients receive a 10% discount on any package.