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"The three physical therapists, Jessica, Maggie and Seema, are very professional yet sensitive and extremely caring with all their patients. It is a very pleasant environment to get better in. Their aides, Dan, Patrick and Matthew as well as their summer intern, Milana, were wonderful too. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people who were always happy caring for others. "
Sep 11, 2019
"I completed my last physical therapy session last week for painful sciatica on my right side. I could not bend over without pain. I have achieved a level of recovery that I did not think was possible and I also lost an inch in my waistline as a bonus. I am very grateful to the team of physical therapists. My primary therapist was Maggie, but over the coarse of my therapy, I was treated by all of the team members. All the staff seems to enjoy their work and take pride in helping their patients. The total experience was great and I am very thankful to them as I am pain free. I strongly recommend Ridgewood Physical Therapy."
Jul 23, 2019
"I completed my last physical therapy session today for a partially torn quad tendon and have achieved a level of recover I did not think was possible. I am very grateful to the team of great physical therapists. My primary therapist was Maggie, but over the coarse of my therapy, I was treated by all of the team members. What is immediately apparent is how much the team enjoys their work and how much pride they take in helping their patients. The total experience was great and I will miss my visits there. I highly recommend Ridgewood Physical Theropy. Rick O."
Jul 08, 2019
"I have just completed my second rehabilitation program at RPT. The first one two years ago was for my shoulder where I could barely lift my arm. Jess and the team got me back in great working condition. Today was my last day rehabbing my knee back from an injury where I was having lots of pain just walking. With the program RPT provided to me and with the help of all the great therapists at RPT I am feeling excellent thanks to Maggie, Jess and Milana. Quite frankly the entire team is awesome and I will miss coming here. Thank you for rehabbing me again and providing me with a plan I can follow at home to stay in great shape. Sincerely, Rich P."
Jun 21, 2019
"I began my sessions at Ridgewood Physical Therapy in a lot of pain and the therapists at RPT provided terrific care so that I am now pain free. And, everyone at RPT helped me with the exercises and hands-on treatment that I needed to feel better with care and a smile. "
Jun 19, 2019
"Everyone is pleasant and caring. Diane always has a smile when you walk in. The entire staff works very hard and with a sense of humor. Jess and Maggie have been my therapists for 6 months now. I had bi-lateral total knee replacements and have had a difficult time recovering. They have gone above and beyond and work diligently and never give up. At times, it has been painful but I have confidence that I will fully heal. "
Jun 12, 2019
"I went to RPT following my arthroscopic knee surgery and all the therapists worked hard to get me back to 100% mobility. I highly recommend them!"
Jun 10, 2019
"I had surgery for bilateral quadricep rupture. After surgery, I had intensive therapy with Jessica, Seema and the entire team. They literally helped get me back on my feet. They were professional and caring. Everyone from the front office to the therapy room does a great job. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Jessica and her team. "
May 30, 2019
"I can't say enough amazing things about Ridgewood PT and Jess! I started seeing Jess in February after being in PT somewhere else for almost a year with no relief. I have a mild herniation in my neck as well as numbness and tingling in my arm/hand. Within the first 2 visits I had improved range of motion in my neck. I continued going twice a week for 3 months and "graduated" last week with full range of motion, no further numbness, improved strength and minimal pain! I am a former college athlete and avid exerciser so it was so important to me that I get back to my full functioning. I was told by a previous PT to limit my exercise. Jess encouraged me to continue it with modifications...she even watched some of my workout videos with me and told me how to make changes! The environment is extremely positive...I looked forward to my sessions. Jess really took the time to get to know me personally and even included my toddler daughters in some sessions, giving them fun activities while I completed my therapy. We love it there so much that my husband also attends and is seeing improvement. I highly recommend Jess and the staff of Ridgewood PT. They do wonderful healing work and brought me back to my active self again :)"
May 20, 2019
"I have been going to physical therapy since being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at Ridgewood Physical Therapy. The staff and therapists are top notch, Jessica Grimm heard of a new technique to use on patients with moving disorders called blading and she took the time last weekend to take a class in it so she could help me and another of her patients. And by the way my legs felt so much better all day yesterday. No reason to search for a therapy group , this is the one to use. "
May 09, 2019
"The most professional, personal physical therapist. They make sometimes painful rehab bearable. In particular Maggie Ortlieb and Jess Grimm are invaluable employees!!!"
May 03, 2019
"My daughter had the best experience here during her 6 weeks of PT. Jess and Maggie were both so awesome! "
Apr 05, 2019
"Jess and her staff create an environment that is warm and friendly. They explain why and what they are doing and are receptive to all questions. I was totaly satisfied with my experience there."
Feb 22, 2019
"I would highly recommend Ridgewood Physical Therapy, which is a model facility for a neat, clean, efficient, and thorough rehabilitation experience. Jessica and her team were professional, caring, friendly, and made me feel comfortable as they pushed me during my total knee replacement therapy. Their focus to make me strive and improve the quality of my flexibility, strength, conditioning, and mobility was commensurate with my actual goal outcomes. I drove an hour each way for PT - It was TOTALLY worth it!"
Feb 18, 2019
"I am a repeat customer, Ridgewood PT is absolutely the best in the area. From the front desk to the the Therapist. The atmosphere is friendly and caring, they listen to your needs and concerns. I could easily go to a closer Therapy place and have tried a few, but am willing to drive the few extra miles for Ridgewood PT. The level of service and attention you get here is by far the best. Their ratio of Patient to Therapist ensures that you are getting the best treatment and attention. In addition to the general vibe you have when you are recovering. I have been treated for a recovery after Neck Surgery and now Foot Surgery, both of which have been very favorable."
Jan 16, 2019
"Ridgewood PT is an amazing place, filled with outstanding therapists who really know their stuff. The environment is terrific and welcoming, with all of the latest equipment in a sunny, clean, and cheerful setting. The therapists here really do care about your well being and do all they can to coax you back to full health. I think everyone can benefit from this direct treatment, even if not for a major injury. While exercise is great, you really need to know what to do and how to exercise to provide the best outcomes for your health. At Ridgewood PT, they provide you with this info, teach you how to do the right exercises and track your progress to prove just how far you have come. I felt wonderfully taken care of at Ridgewood PT and I am sure you will, too!"
Jan 15, 2019
"I highly recommend RPT. Ive used them before but recently I sustained an ankle injury that required surgery and many weeks of physical therapy. Seema evaluated the ankle and worked on a plan to get me back to work and my life's activities as soon as possible. Ive worked with Jessica, Michael, and Maggie and they are all excellent. Once i started healing and moving around I started an exercise program down the hall in 1-2-1 fitness run by Marc Madison the owner. Ive been working with Dave Liparis and he has gotten me on a workout routine where I have gained my strength back very quickly. RPT and 1-2-1 Fitness has helped me out to get back in the game and I really appreciate all their help. I also must mention Dianne and Jeannine who schedule appointments and handle billing. They are very friendly and see to it you get in for your appointments. Thanks to everyone here I healed way ahead of schedule and am now exercising stronger than I was before the injury. Scott C"
Jan 10, 2019
"What a pleasure working with people who know their craft! They are so personable and make PT a great experience! Thanks Maggie and Jess!❤️"
Jan 04, 2019
"Ridgewood Physical Therapy was highly recommended to me after I injured my lower back. The staff is extremely knowledgeable as well as caring. They work with your schedule and are very flexible. I saw a vast improvement after just four sessions. Physical Therapy is not fun but this group actually makes you look forward to your sessions! I worked mainly with Michael, Jess and Nicole and they are nothing less than professional and simply terrific. Sema, has eyes in the back of her head and if you are doing an exercise incorrectly she is quick to correct you so you don't create further injury to yourself. I never worked with Maggie but I did eavesdropped on her conversations with other clients and she is personable as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ridgewood Physical Therapy. "
Nov 29, 2018
"Ridgewood Physical Therapy not only offers the best programs, the atmosphere is fun and uplifting. As we all know, having injuries and surgeries can tend to effect your every day life. The staff not only pushes your physical limits, they encourage you to strive in gaining confidence in your abilities. Many of my family members have used Ridgewood PT and we have all had phenomenal results. I highly recommend them for all of your PT needs."
Nov 15, 2018
"I have been to Ridgewood Physical therapy twice for two separate issues. The staff is professional, friendly and most of all, knowledgeable. The hours are flexible so you can go before or after work and they don't overbook. Definitely 5 stars for Seema and the entire team at Ridgewood PT."
Oct 26, 2018
"Ridgewood Physical Therapy is amazing! I have a recurring back issue from 2001. When it comes on it comes on fast and furious, the physical therapists there are always available and happy to help me get back on track and pain free. I highly recommend them. I have seen Jess and Seema, both are highly skilled, educated and in tune to the human anatomy!"
Oct 26, 2018
"I highly recommend Ridgewood PT! Jess and her team members are all accomplished professionals. Most recently, Jess helped me in rehabbing my ankle. She was able to quickly diagnosis my issue and create a personalized PT plan, which has enabled me to get back to normal activities. I couldn't be more pleased with her work and that of her team. Mark is also great as a trainer. Thanks, Ridgewood PT for all of your help! "
Oct 15, 2018
" Everything is great here, wonderful facility. Great trainers, great staff, very friendly, very thorough, very knowledgeable come on down."
Oct 12, 2018


This letter is long overdue. Privately I have been raving about my experience at Ridgewood Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. I now realize that it is more important to thank the appropriate channels.

I recently retired and wanted to experience a physical challenge, choosing to hike the Camino. e Camino is a series of trails throughout Spain initiating from different countries. I chose the route from Porto, Portugal to the-Santiago de Compostela, to travel 10 to 17 miles a day consecutively for a two-week period. Upon completion, I would be walking about 180 miles.

I began training in February walking for hours a day with and without my backpack. Around August I started to suffer from ankle pain and became quite distressed knowing that this COULD NOT occur on the trail or my goal would be thwarted. My podiatrist recommended Ridgewood Physical Therapy and I complied but was not hopeful, knowing nothing of the benefits of your agency versus my prior experience at another facility for a knee issue of a torn meniscus.

I was in for·the-greatest surprise and absolutely astounded by the expertise and care of the individual therapists. These therapists demonstrated extensive knowledge. Their probing questions indicated such a thorough understanding of the muscular/skeletal and sensory systems that I felt secure from the moment I entered. Aside from their obvious treatment skills their passion for their chosen field was so apparent. Their humor, their helpful hints, their "individual" attention and their sensitivity enhanced the entire rehabilitation process. My accolades go further toward your office staff noting Diane as a person extra-accommodating with scheduling and sometimes last-minute adjustments. My experience with many office staffs has been curt and business-like but Diane was always easily approached. You are fortunate to have such great people at your agency. Jessica, Mike, Geeta, and Kevin should be applauded. They are phenomenal Physical Therapists and I thank them royally. There were other assistants whose names I do not recall but they are appreciated as well. Please share this letter with your staff.

PS - An ironic twist. ... Looks like I survived the Camino but not the aftermath since only yesterday I twisted my knee experiencing heavy discomfort (meniscus?). Looks like I will be back!!!!

Finally, I hiked the Camino completing 192 miles consecutively without one ounce of pain or discomfort!!!

Celeste Mancinelli
(A very satisfied customer)

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Peter Loughlin

Peter Loughlin

From the very beginning, the entire staff at Ridgewood PT was amazing. The staff "up front" helped me with scheduling (and sometimes rescheduling) my appointments; insurance issues that popped up and any curve balls that were thrown my way.

In the back where " the rubber meets the road" all of the aides and therapists work very hard to ensure that you have goals to meet and that you achieve them. And I did meet mine. In fact, though my prescription called for 20 weeks of PT, I was able to graduate after about 15 weeks of therapy.

Thanks Ridgewood PT!

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Kristen Fender

Kristen Fender

Ridgewood PT has been an awesome experience. All of the staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and super caring. Jessica is amazing! She is full of energy and has helped my knee get so much better. Jenna the aide is great! She always has a smile and gets me through my workout with lots of fun.

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Robert Merlo

Robert Merlo

Enjoyed every minute spent at Ridgewood Physical Therapy! Seema and the staff are professional, courteous and cordial. Thank you for all you have done to get me back to feeling much better. Thanks.

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | The Leonard Twins

Maddie and
Laureen Leonard

Last year I was injured my knee in a lacrosse game, which sprained my MCL. The staff at Ridgewood Physical Therapy was able to create a rehab protocol that enabled me to regain the strength in my knee. All of the physical therapists that worked with me, made for an easy recovery. I always looked forward to going there because they were encouraging and easy to work with. Now I am fully recovered and just finished both my high school and summer lacrosse seasons successfully. I continue to go to the workout facility at the same location for one on one training; and now I am a stronger and more confident athlete, thank you Ridgewood Physical Therapy!

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Anne Spell

Anne Spell

In February 2015 I underwent total knee replacement surgery. Ridgewood PT was recommended for my rehabilitation by several of my inpatient therapists. I cannot say enough about the great office staff and engaging therapists, everyone was so encouraging, friendly and above all knowledgeable. I was always impressed by the staff's cohesion of communication and support. I really felt like everyone was invested in my goal achievement. By the end of June I was back on the golf course. I want to give a special thanks to Jessica, Seema, and Travis for a job well done. Ridgewood PT is the best!!!

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Don Willenborg

Don Willenborg

While compassionately navigating some complex medical problems, Travis and the team of professionals at RPT customized a post-surgergical knee treatment plan that brought me from limping with limited mobility to enjoying a Disney Vacation with my four grandchildren. I attribute my successful knee recovery to the team's diagnostic acumen, flexibility, and infectious positive attitude. I heartily endorse RPT.

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Nel Kerlen

Nel Kerlen

Last year I suffered a terrible fall, which dislocated my shoulder and broke my humerus. My arm was misaligned and everything looked rather bleak. Although surgery was suggested, not to have surgery was also an option. I choose the latter. Ridgewood Physical Therapy was highly recommended and I can report that the therapy was successful in every way. I had terrific therapists that encouraged me and always gave me hope that I would regain my function. In addition, Ridgewood Physical Therapy's Transition to Fitness Program has helped me improve my condition to the point where I am exceeding expectations of strength and range of motion. I would highly recommend Ridgewood Physical Therapy to anyone.