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Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Peter Loughlin

Peter Loughlin

From the very beginning, the entire staff at Ridgewood PT was amazing. The staff "up front" helped me with scheduling (and sometimes rescheduling) my appointments; insurance issues that popped up and any curve balls that were thrown my way.

In the back where " the rubber meets the road" all of the aides and therapists work very hard to ensure that you have goals to meet and that you achieve them. And I did meet mine. In fact, though my prescription called for 20 weeks of PT, I was able to graduate after about 15 weeks of therapy.

Thanks Ridgewood PT!!

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Kristen Fender

Kristen Fender

Ridgewood PT has been an awesome experience. All of the staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and super caring. Jessica is amazing! She is full of energy and has helped my knee get so much better. Jenna the aide is great! She always has a smile and gets me through my workout with lots of fun.

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Robert Merlo

Robert Merlo

Enjoyed every minute spent at Ridgewood Physical Therapy! Seema and the staff are professional, courteous and cordial. Thank you for all you have done to get me back to feeling much better. Thanks.

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | The Leonard Twins

Maddie and
Laureen Leonard

Last year I was injured my knee in a lacrosse game, which sprained my MCL. The staff at Ridgewood Physical Therapy was able to create a rehab protocol that enabled me to regain the strength in my knee. All of the physical therapists that worked with me, made for an easy recovery. I always looked forward to going there because they were encouraging and easy to work with. Now I am fully recovered and just finished both my high school and summer lacrosse seasons successfully. I continue to go to the workout facility at the same location for one on one training; and now I am a stronger and more confident athlete, thank you Ridgewood Physical Therapy!

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Anne Spell

Anne Spell

In February 2015 I underwent total knee replacement surgery. Ridgewood PT was recommended for my rehabilitation by several of my inpatient therapists. I cannot say enough about the great office staff and engaging therapists, everyone was so encouraging, friendly and above all knowledgeable. I was always impressed by the staff's cohesion of communication and support. I really felt like everyone was invested in my goal achievement. By the end of June I was back on the golf course. I want to give a special thanks to Jessica, Seema, and Travis for a job well done. Ridgewood PT is the best!!!

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Don Willenborg

Don Willenborg

While compassionately navigating some complex medical problems, Travis and the team of professionals at RPT customized a post-surgergical knee treatment plan that brought me from limping with limited mobility to enjoying a Disney Vacation with my four grandchildren. I attribute my successful knee recovery to the team's diagnostic acumen, flexibility, and infectious positive attitude. I heartily endorse RPT.

Ridgewood Physical Therapy | Testimonials | Nel Kerlen

Nel Kerlen

Last year I suffered a terrible fall, which dislocated my shoulder and broke my humerus. My arm was misaligned and everything looked rather bleak. Although surgery was suggested, not to have surgery was also an option. I choose the latter. Ridgewood Physical Therapy was highly recommended and I can report that the therapy was successful in every way. I had terrific therapists that encouraged me and always gave me hope that I would regain my function. In addition, Ridgewood Physical Therapy's Transition to Fitness Program has helped me improve my condition to the point where I am exceeding expectations of strength and range of motion. I would highly recommend Ridgewood Physical Therapy to anyone.